mercredi 26 juin 2013

High heels, high heels, dear high heels...

Very high or small, in needles or compensated, expensive or to a moderate price, of a color or an other one, we agree : heels, we know them all. Some wear them all the time, others less, some never but there are for all the tastes. I am going to make for you a confession : I can't get enough of this major accessory to the fashionistas. Having developed an unconditioned love for this category of shoes (I also wear flat shoes, I reassure you!), I did not realize to what extent, I remember that one day, I fell for a (nth) pair of high heels, and that my sister made me this remark: " wow ! How you like high heels! " And I was surprise by this remark, in spite of the fact that it amused me. Really ? As much as that ? Yes yes, high heels lengthen me the silhouette, yes (and horribly hurt me when I remove them when they are high, it is a FACT !) so I love them.
But what I want to specify really : no matter our size, or weight, or the style we have, heels are there to bring a "something more" to an outfit, so dare ladies! And with your head up.

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