mardi 25 juin 2013

Hello there !

My first ASOS outfit for summer

Hey everybody! I'm Priscillia, I'm just 18. I live in Paris. I love fashion, sweets, and life. So, I begin this blog enthusiastically and with a little stress... I hope that you will love it and that you will appreciate to visit it.

To start with, I will speak about this amazing thing that I found (again) : the website ASOS. I was already a fan previously, for its affordable and stylish clothes, but I discovered another facet of the site. Curious girl that I am, I accessed the section " OUTFITS and LOOKS " and found what I am looking for. It is one of these many places where all the fashionistas meet up to share their love for fashion. I decided to join this community and show my own style. To take a look at my account and follow me : Go to ; "Outfits & Looks" ; "Members" and search for " Prissi †". I begin slowly, don't hesitate to leave comments!  

To serve you

Prissi † .

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